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BJJ Keyring – North West BJJ Open Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Tournament Medals

As one of the premier organisers of BJJ and NOGI submission grappling tournaments in Europe, Grab&Pull often have surplus medals which can be purchased by medallists either as a BJJ Keyring or as gifts for family or friends – many people enjoy giving a medal to their mums and dads or grandparents to celebrate their achievement.

If you, or one of your students, have won one of our medals at a Grab&Pull Brazilian Jiu Jitsu or NOGI tournament, which you would like to purchase for one of the reasons listed above, please get in touch and we can see if we have it in stock. Many of the medals that we currently have in stock are already included on on our website.

Unless specified during the check out process, the medal will come with a keyring attached, as shown in the photographs. These BJJ keyrings are very unusual and very cool, so be sure to get yours today. In the past coaches have purchased copies of medals that their students have won to be framed and displayed in their academy. We have also replaced medals which have been lost. Buy your BJJ keyring today.



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