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Estilo Quicksilver

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The latest in the Estilo Colour Collection range is the dark grey Quicksilver model. This model is based on the Estilo classic so it has no patches or artwork other than 3 small Estilo embroidered logos on the jacket arms and the pants shin area. The colour of this Gi is a dark grey (gunmetal).

The Estilo Premier BJJ GI comes with the following features and benefits: -
- 550gsm Single Piece Pearl Weave Jacket
- Canvas rubberised collar, opposed to normal twill collar. Canvas BJJ GI collars are much more hard wearing than traditional twill collars and help to keep the shape of the kimono.
- Triple stitched across all stress points
- Estilo E logo embroidered on arm and left leg
- Inside cuff and lapel trim
- Heavy 12oz Canvas pants opposed to traditional twill. Double reinforced knee padding, triple stitched with over lapped seams.
- 4 Drawstring loops on the trousers to help keep the pants in the correct position on the body.
- Rope drawstring as opposed to the traditional twill, which allows for tighter fastening of the pants, and more comfort when training.

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